Personal Project - Original Game IP
1600 Joseon Kingdom

What if the Imjin war never ended?

The year is 1605. Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Samurai armies cut a bloody swathe across the Korean Peninsula, leaving only scorched fields and desolated villages in their wake. They are winning.

Outnumbered and outmatched, the ruling Joseon Dynasty is too weak to repel the invaders, torn apart by internal politicking and corruption. In its place have arisen scattered pockets of resistance: the uisa, Righteous Armies of warrior monks and civilian militia. Though they have ground the Samurai to a bloody stalemate in the North, the South has fallen entirely, and each day Hideyoshi's shock troops gain precious inches with blood and steel. 

Against all of this, the Gloaming - the shadow realm between this life and the next - is in uproar. Thousands die each day from starvation or by the sword, and the psychic backlash of such trauma is as a massive boulder dropped into this sea of souls, displacing restless spirits and predatory demons into the mortal world. Into these rifts step the Shamans, an ancient order of mystics who walk between realms. Stretched thin across the Peninsula, the Shamans struggle to mend these fractures, but they are pitifully few to the land's many wounds.

One such Shaman is young Yuji, who is engaged in a frantic race against time - desperately seeking both a salve for her land, and a way to reverse the entropy that will claim the souls of herself and her brother...